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Three W International, the Leading International Student Management Company in the United States, partners with more than 150 schools enrolling nearly 1,000 international students throughout the U.S.. Unlike a program where students study abroad for a semester or a school year, the aim of our international student program is for students to receive their post-secondary education exclusively in the United States. The ultimate goal of these students is acceptance into prestigious colleges and universities, making their commitment long-term. At Three W International, 99% of our students meet that goal.



Why Choose Three W?

  • We partner with over 40 schools in the United States specifically for our Brazilian students
  • There are options to study in urban locations, close to a beach, or other locations all around the US
  • Accommodations include homestay or boarding
  • Enroll for a full academic year or even a semester at some locations

We have continuously adapted to the ever-changing landscape of private school education and international student mobility by creating a comprehensive suite of schools that offer every facet of a successful international student program. Three W International partners with outstanding private schools across the United States to provide students with a one-of-a-kind high school experience.

Nearly all students, both boys and girls, play in the football, basketball, volleyball and soccer teams, among others. When I got here, in my sophomore year, playing basketball helped me improve my English and get to know new people, besides being really fun.
Daniel Ramos, StudentBradshaw Christian School
Bradshaw is a small school with around 400 students in High School. That’s what makes it even more welcoming. The school offers countless sports for students, such as football, baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer and many more. Coming to Bradshaw is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make!

Frederic Whitaker, Student Bradshaw Christian School
Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to participate in an exchange program. Since there aren't many Brazilian exchange students, you'll have American friends and won't end up hanging out only with Brazilian students. I truly feel as if I have a family here, and I would have stayed for a full year if I could. This exchange program has changed my life and has exceeded every expectation I had, and I have Bradshaw to thank for.
Gabriella Martinelli, Student Bradshaw Christian School